The light from lightening bugs represents hope, guidance, & awakening.


Hello! My name is Kimberly. 

I am a Intuitive Empath, Energy Reader, and Energy Healer. 

I use Natal Charts, Tarot, and Reiki to help you progress in your healing and enlightenment process. 

Natal Charts are fascinating to me. I use them to explain your natural energies (the way you behave) and to help you to see that you are perfect as you are and always exactly where you are supposed to be on your journey. Natal Charts are one of my favorite tools to use when helping people to develop self love. 

My style of reading Tarot is based on Faith, Astrological Energies, and Carl Jung's psychological approach using the archetypes found in Tarot. In addition to these methods I also am a gifted Intuitive Empath and pick up on the energies of the cards as they pertain to you personally during your reading.

I am a certified in Usui Reiki but prefer a shamanic approach. I remove negative energy that you are holding onto using Reiki. Once I have cleared the negative energy I heal and align your Chakra System.

When you are trying to heal emotionally or physically carrying negative energy or having blocked chakras will slow your progress. Energy Healing is intended to help you balance your energies and to allow your chakras to flow easily as you heal.

I am happy that you are have found your way here. I am passionate about what I do and I am excited to meet you!