The light from lightening bugs represents hope, guidance, & awakening.

Natal Charts

Natal Charts fascinate me. I begin every reading by going over your Natal Chart with you. My main purpose in going over your chart is because one of the ways I read tarot is astrologically. I can "see" who you and others in your reading are by the cards that fall and the signs they represent. 

Often times people are more interested in all that I can tell them about themselves with only their birth charts. We discuss your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Rising Planets. 

I understand the natural energies of the zodiac signs and can help you see why you act or think the way you do based on which sign the planet was transiting when you were born. 

I offer high resolution downloads of your birth chart in the SHOP section. Coming soon I will be doing birth chart readings for individuals and couples.