The light from lightening bugs represents hope, guidance, & awakening.

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings are probably my favorite thing to do. I never tire of seeing just how eager Spirit is to help us all heal and I am humbled to be a conduit for it. 

I ask that you not tell me anything before the reading.  Preconceived ideas can interfere with the message I receive. I always ask Spirit for the message you need to hear most. Sometimes what we think is the most important issue really isn't. After the initial message out you can ask any more specific questions if you have them.

Some people are surprised by the variety of tarot cards I use. Gemini minds love imagery and I use different decks for different energies I am trying to pick up on. I ask what the situation is to be aware of is, what obstacles you're facing concerning that situation, the energy to embrace to overcome those obstacles, and what energy you will be in when you overcome them. 

Cards are clarified when necessary so your reading is as detailed as possible.

I do not "tell the future". I can tell you the energies currently surrounding the situation and those you may encounter going forward depending on the choices you make. I can also ask Spirit for advice on the energy for you to embrace to improve the situation. That said, your future is completely up to you. We all have the divine gift of Free Agency. Only you can decide what your future will be.

While I do many kinds of readings I am primarily what is called a Shadow Reader. I help you to recognize emotional woundings, traumas, and false narratives you are holding onto that need to be brought to the surface, acknowledged, processed, and released so you can continue to progress. 

My intention is always to help you learn how to heal yourself. No one can heal you but you. I am a helper. Happiness you cannot imagine is waiting for you when you do.