The light from lightening bugs represents hope, guidance, & awakening.
Wall Decal Moon Phases Sticker 39"w x 12"h

Wall Decal Moon Phases Sticker 39"w x 12"h

Wall Decals are a decorators best kept secret! They are inexpensive, easy to install, and the result is a look you would expect from a high end interior designer. 

Our decals conform to the surface they are applied to and look as though the lettering or graphics were painted on. 

Most product previews are not to scale. Please review the dimensions. 

Decals do not adhere well to Eggshell Paint Finish. Detailed instructions are included. 

Our decals are made from high quality Oracal 631 vinyl film. It is formulated to be long lasting while still remaining easy to remove when you are ready to redecorate. Our product will not damage your walls or other surfaces. 

Decals can be applied to any flat, smooth, or lightly textured surface such as walls, glass, windows, mirrors, wood, metal, etc. Your decal cannot be moved or re-positioned once it is applied. 

Please follow the instructions included and use a level for the best results.