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Conflict with the Empress - The Tower, 5 Wands, The Empress

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TOWER CARD: Scorpio Energy

To me as a reader The Tower Card represents an epiphany or event that changes the course of things permanently. Nothing will ever be the same after this realization or something that happened.

Tower Moments can be exciting or anxiety inducing.

An exciting Tower Moment might be finding out you are pregnant after trying for a long time.

A more anxious or unhappy Tower Moment might be finding out someone is cheating on you or that you are losing your job.

Whether they are good or bad, after they happen, nothing is the same as it was before.

5 OF WANDS: Fire Energy (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

5 of Wands is a Card of conflict. It generally means, fighting, conflict, at odds with, disagreeing with, etc.

It can also mean things like vigorously or passionately.

THE EMPRESS: Taurus & Libra Energy

The Empress rules with the Emperor (Aries/Scorpio Energy) over all of the Kingdoms in the Tarot.

The Empress is a feminine energy who has experienced and overcome many trials in her life. She has overcome them all, one by one. She uses the lessons she learned from them to be compassionate and to make wise choices.

The Empress is the mother and can often indicate pregnancy in a reading. Pregnant with a child, possibilities, ideas, etc.

The Empress stays on her throne. She does not chase anything. She is a powerful manifestor. She is receptive and waits to see what will be offered to her.

The Empress can often indicate a woman who is a mother or had a very nurturing energy. She can represent your own mother too.

Together these energies have several meanings.

The first is that you may have recently realized that conflict you are having with a person who has Empress energy has made you far more upset that you realize. You want to fix whatever was broken.

The second meaning might be that you have recently had conflict with your own mother. Considering that the past Mercury Retrograde we just had was about healing childhood traumas that might well be the case.

The third possibility might pertain to you if you are the Empress and there is no other party involved. It may be a realization that you have been working against yourself by buying into negative self-talk and believing old false narratives are true.

All three possibilities require pondering, the bravery to communicate, and forgiveness of others as well as yourself.

This reading might hit especially close to him if one party is a Aries or Scorpio and the other party is a Taurus or Libra.

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