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Walking Away from Toxicity & Conflict - 5 of Wands Reversed, 8 of Cups, Ace of Wands

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The energy these past few weeks has been intense to say the least.

I have disengaged from energies I don’t need to deal with and have been taking lots of salt baths. I would like to say it is going to ease up but I am pretty sure we have at least another two weeks or so of it, astrologically speaking anyway.

I pulled cards for advice as to handle the next few weeks and thought it was pretty darn accurate, for me anyway.

5 of Wands in Reverse can be read as an end of conflict, avoiding conflict, or intensified conflict. It depends on the cards surrounding it.

8 of Cups is about walking away from something or someone where there is still emotion but you know you have to.

Either the current situation is toxic or there is something far better for you that lies ahead.

Ace of Wands is about a new beginning with someone or something you are passionate about. It can be a new love interest, a new job, a transformational time in your life, etc.

I asked what it was that the 8 of Cups was walking away from. I got a toxic relationship, a toxic family situation, and theft. Someone or something that is stealing from you in some way.

Then I asked what the Ace of Wands (the passionate new beginning) could be. I got transformation, something or someone that you thought you had lost being returned to you, fair dealings, relationships that are reciprocal, and justice. The energies at play were Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Libra. The Fire Signs Aries and Sagittarius might be involved also.

The advice is to ignore and walk away from intensified conflict. Mind your tongue and do not say anything that you will regret or that will make you feel guilty. You may already have a plan in mind to escape this situation. If you engage in the unnecessary conflict you may say something that you will feel guilty about later. It might cause you to abandon the plans you have made to move forward. Don’t do that. Stay quiet and keep it moving. What lies ahead for you is far more satisfying than you speaking your mind about an issue that is not improving and has already been beat to death.

Of course this will not resonate with everyone. If it doesn’t fit, don’t try to make it.
5 of wands reversed 8 of cups ace of wands conflict new beginning walking away

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