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Intuitive Guidance - Wheel of Fortune and The Hermit

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When you realize you are spiritually gifted you also understand that there are responsibilities that go along with those gifts.

I have responsibilities. I am an energy healer. I am a certified Reiki Master but the certification was only to appease others. I have had healing hands since I was young.

I can read energy effortlessly. Gemini’s are sensitive to imagery. It is why I have so many decks. The pictures look different to me every time depending on the energy I am tapped into. I am usually able to see what is going on pretty quickly.

Because I am Mercurial I can explain, in a way that people can understand, a different way of looking at things. A better perspective. I do not read for entertainment. I read to help people heal. Part of my purpose is to help people “to remember”. Remember who you are, all that you already know, all that you need to acknowledge, process, and release. To help you remember the lessons and to learn how to leave the pain behind. You don’t need to carry it with you.

That healing also has to happen for you to remember your own mission. For you to remember what your own gifts are. This card combination is the Hermit and The Wheel of Fortune. I am a Virgo Moon in Vedic Astrology. The Hermit card represents Virgo. One who heals. One who seeks to understand and to be enlightened. I am the Hermit. Both Gemini and Virgo are Mercurial. Mercury is their ruling planet. I am ruled by Mercury, the planet of Communication.

I also have Taurus and Libra Energy. Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus and Venus is Love.

The Wheel of Fortune is about karma, destiny, luck, fate, you get the idea.

Another responsibility I have is to seek those who are on the same road I once walked to show them a better and hopefully easier way. To light the path to their destiny by sharing how I learned to handle that situation so they can move on from it faster.

It is why I have had so many difficult trials in my life. Some you all are aware of and many you are not. I needed to experience them so I understand. I remember a friend said to me once, “You have the worst luck.” I told her I did not. I am The Lucky Girl. I am the Lucky Girl because I have always understood that my trials are to teach and refine me. I have never been angry with God about them. There has always been a part of me that has known there is purpose in them. I am The Lucky Girl because God TRUSTS me enough to know I will survive the trial and use what I have learned to help others find their way too.

It is an extraordinary feeling to know that God trusts me and finds a useful purpose in me. He is always who I want to serve. I have to share. I have to be transparent. And I don’t mind. My experiences are not unique. None of us escapes the trials of life. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I try to be humble in sharing my experiences and what I have learned so that maybe I can help others see more clearly what the lesson is and to move through it faster instead of having to repeat the lesson over and over. Karmic cycles are not fun. I hope that’s what I do anyway.

Our mistakes are necessary. If we are teachable and humble they can transform us when we examine them. The Universe and God are always trying to teach and heal us. Some people fight it and others see the beauty in it and cooperate. I see the beauty. I understand. Everything we experience, good or bad, is always guiding us to the place we are supposed to be. I’m just holding the light so you can see more easily.

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