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Blocked Blessings - The Heirophant & The Magician

Posted by Kimberly Wresh on

I did a 6 hour reading today.

SIX HOURS. And it was fascinating. It seemed like one or two not 6!

There were a number of things that Spirit has been trying to help my client bring into alignment. Multiple faucets to the story.

The Hierophant and the Magician in the reading were particularly interesting to me.

The Hierophant is the Major Arcana Card for Taurus. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is always a Taurus involved. Sometimes it simply represents the energy at play.

The Hierophant represents contracts, commitments, obligations, agreements, education, and religious beliefs. He is the often an indication that there is a marriage involved or there soon will be.

The Magician is a tricky energy. For me as a reader the Magician represents the energy of Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio.

All energies have their light and shadow side. Sometimes they are subtle and sometimes they aren’t.

They are NOT subtle in the Magician.

A high vibrational Magician is a Master Manifestor. They have all the tools necessary to manifest the life they want to live. They know how to use their tools (see them on his table) and absolutely believe in their ability to be successful.

A low vibrational Magician is a Master Manipulator. They use many of those same skills in a very negative way. A low vibrational Magician will use deceit and lies to try to change the behavior or perception of the person they want to manipulate.

Master Manipulators will use guilt, exploitation of insecurities, and creating self doubt to get what they want.

They behave this way to feel powerful or superior in relationships.

It is a destructive behavior that will never result in true happiness.

And if the person who is being manipulated understands what is going on and allows it, well, Spirit isn’t going to let that fly.

Their blessings will be blocked.

They will become more and more discontent in their life until they finally realize that their allowing themselves to be manipulated is the issue.

These two cards together tell me that there is a Master Manipulator in the situation. The person that they are manipulating feels very OBLIGATED to the Magician. They may be a spouse, parent, adult child, family member, friend, or co-workers.

There is some sort of contract or commitment that the person has (written or simply understood) with the Magician. The Magician is being manipulative and the Hierophant is allowing it because they feel obligated to.

It has gone on long enough that the person who is in the Hierophant energy is already feeling like their blessings are being blocked.

The only solution is to get away from that Magician energy.

If this is your situation ask yourself, “Why do I feel an obligation towards a person who manipulates me and blocks my blessings?”

I don’t know. Why do you?

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