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Narcissist and Empath Cycles - 7 of Cups & 8 of Cups

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I usually read cards in sets and I used to get this combination of cards ALL THE TIME for myself.

It was during a time I was trying to heal myself after being in a narcissist/empathic relationship cycle. I didn’t know what it was when I was in it but boy did I learn.

These two cards are the 7 of Cups and the 8 of Cups.

They represent water signs, in particular Scorpio and Pisces. Water signs represent emotions.

The 7 of Cups represents confusion or many options. For me at the time it represented confusion. Being gas-lighted non-stop will do that to a person. I spent so much time trying to figure out what happened. What was going on. What I had done wrong. Things never made sense and I was constantly questioning my own actions. My own sanity even. Until the day came that I came to my senses and realized YOU CANNOT MAKE SENSE OF CRAZY.

When you find yourself dealing with a situation that makes you question things constantly and you feel crazy all the time you have to make the choice to 8 of Cups that mess.

8 of Cups means exactly what it looks like. Walking away.

What makes it hard is those 8 cups are filled with something you love. It can represent work you put into a relationship that is never reciprocated or hasn’t turned out the way you hoped. There are still emotions there but whatever it is isn’t good for you. If you want to raise your vibration you have to walk away.

The 8 of Cups always leads to the 10 of Cups (emotional fulfillment) after a stop at 9 of Cups (being at peace with yourself alone). When you leave these unfulfilling and confusing situations you free yourself to find true happiness! YOU CANNOT MAKE SENSE OF CRAZY Y’ALL.

If you are feeling like you don’t understand what is going on in a situation and despite your best efforts to understand you are still confused, it’s time to walk away. Walk towards clarity and happiness, even if it is painful for a little while.

Staying in that confused energy too long will lower your vibration and nothing good comes of allowing that to happen. The Universe will start making your life very uncomfortable until you get it. Ask me how I know.

P.S. I want to add that the Empath in these situations has a huge responsibility in a relationship developing this way. Yes Narcissists can be very cruel, HOWEVER, they learn that it is ok to be that way because unhealed Empaths ALLOW this behavior to continue.

It only happens to us because we ALLOW it too.

It is so important to recognize and acknowledge that if you truly want heal yourself and change. It is the only way you will manifest the type of reciprocal love we all long for.

Heck, I take the lion’s share of the blame for it happening these days and what I know for sure is, it will never happen again.

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