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Attachments, Addictions, and The Devil

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Pssst. Let’s talk about he whose name must not be spoken. That’s the stance I take concerning The Devil.

What I pay no mind to, pays no mind to me.

The dude gets treated like Voldemort around here. If you aren’t a Harry Potter fan you won’t get that last part. It doesn’t matter. Keep reading. 

This is the Tarot Card for The Devil. This stinker comes up when there are attachments in our lives that are keeping us from fulfilling the measure of our creation.

Things that keep us from all the potential and abundance and greatness that God packed into us when He created each of us.

That potential is in every single one of us.

God doesn’t make any clunkers and The Devil knows it. He will try to stop us from fulfilling the measure of our creation by whatever means necessary. One of the most effective ways is by keeping us chained to attachments and addictions.

Attachments and addictions are anything we use outside of ourselves and our relationships with God to cope or to find peace. Toxic behaviors we use to comfort ourselves.

The Devil does a happy jig when we choose them over turning inward and to God to heal our hearts.

And before you start to say, “Well I don’t drink or do drugs.” just stop.

Of course alcohol and drugs are the first things we think of when we think about attachments but they are far from the only ones.

Other attachments can be:

•toxic relationships
•casual sex
•shopping/over spending
•being a workaholic
•social media
•over eating

There are so many more but you get the idea.

I have definitely struggled with my fair share of the things on that list. I am still working on a few of them.

There came a time that I just didn’t want to try dropping my attachments and addictions anymore though. It was so hard and I always ended up feeling like a failure.

So I stopped focusing on trying to move away from my attachments. I stopped paying them any mind. If I indulged in them I wasn’t going to beat myself up about it anymore.

I let them be and I decided to focus on my relationship with God and learning about myself. Aligning myself with the life I wanted to live. Healing myself. Fascinating myself. And if I indulged in my attachment behaviors along the way so be it.

The weirdest thing happened when I did that. My attachments just started detaching themselves. They started falling away from me with far less effort than I had ever put forth before.

Behaviors that had had such a tight grip on me in the past didn’t anymore.

They didn’t because they no longer aligned with who I have been becoming.

I still, and always will, have behaviors I need to improve or overcome but it doesn’t stress me out. I’ll get there and I don’t have to be miserable until I do.

I can choose to be happy in my imperfection because I know what the Devil doesn’t want us to know.

God doesn’t expect perfection from us. He just wants us to never stop trying to be our best selves.

That’s all the best Fathers ever ask of their children.

Pray, meditate, and never stop trying. ♥️

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