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Listening to the Spirit

Posted by Kimberly Wresh on

Y’all let’s talk about listening.

To the Spirit. That still small voice. Our intuition. Gut feelings. Whatever you call it. We have to do a better job of paying attention to it.

It is a gift from God to help guide and protect us. We ask for that sort of help from Heaven all the time and yet over and over we will ignore those gut feelings we get about something that is wrong or a decision we should make.

Then we wonder why we are confused or why things went so badly AGAIN.

And The Universe shakes it head at us and says “I TRIED TO TELL YOU!”

Not long ago I made a decision to not be a part of a persons life anymore because I knew (the Spirit TOLD me) that path was not the one for me.

It was hard. It sucked really. We had fun together. But I knew it was the right call.

Last night I got a call from that person. A part of me was happy because I had missed them.

After the conversation was over I thought about the things that were said. Some of them left me feeling confused with a sick feeling in my stomach.

There was a time I would have pushed those feelings aside so I could at least enjoy the comfort of the connection, even if it was a connection that was lacking.

I don’t live in that time anymore. There will be no going back, no settling, and there will damn sure be no feelings of confusion or lack allowed in my life ever again.

I am using that gift. The Spirit. My intuition.

I pray each of you will too. I am betting it will be life changing.

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