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Are you going to get on the ride or nah?

Posted by Kimberly Wresh on

Can you remember a time you stood in line for a ride and you were scared? You didn't want the line to move fast yet it did. Maybe all you could think while you stood in that fast moving line was, "This is a very bad idea. I might get hurt."  

And then you were there. At the platform. It's time. You have to make that call. Are you going to step out of line or get on that ride? 

You know that feeling. 

And now think about all the times you decided to buckle up and ride. The euphoria you felt for taking that chance. Arms in air, wind in your hair, your heart beating fast and that feeling when you pulled back into the station of "I want to do that again!" 

How often are you making the choice to do something different than what you have always done in life? 

Which way are you going to move when you get to the platforms in your life?

Will you spend time in line worrying needlessly over all the ways you might fail, the ways you might get hurt, and creating scary scenarios in your mind? 

Or will you spend that time in line excited for the adventure that is to come? Will you imagine how much fun it will be and even think ahead to the next ride and the next and the next that will make you feel alive? 

I have something happening this week that is new and to be honest I spent a little moment thinking what if (insert negative outcome here) and a funny thing happened to me. 

I felt a sick for even thinking negatively. Even for a moment. I have become so aware of the importance of the things that I tell myself that even a momentary consideration of not being successful at something I have set out to do made me a little nauseous! 

How cool is that? 

In that moment I decided that in the days before this event (the time I am standing in line) I am going to imagine the most beautiful and amazing outcomes. When I get to that platform there will be no hesitation. I am going to buckle up and put my hands in the air and when we pull back into the station my cheeks will hurt from smiling! 

What are you standing in line for right now? Have you decided what decision you will make when you get to the platform? 

Life is like a trip to an amusement park in a lot of ways. You can be in the park but if you were too afraid to get on any of the rides did you ever really live? 

Just asking.

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