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Getting Unstuck - Learning To Not Care What Anyone Else Thinks

Posted by Kimberly Wresh on

I have been learning a lot about just how STUCK I have allowed myself to become in so many areas of my life. 

Getting stuck in emotionally unhealthy cycles is a problem y'all. 

So many times in my life I made the choice to remain stuck because I was concerned about what other people thought about my choices or what they might think if I made a new and different choice. 

Sometimes I stayed stuck in a bad choice so people wouldn't know I had MADE a bad choice (Hello marriage that went on WAY TOO LONG). 

Looking back on that I can see clearly that was dumb. 

I'll tell you a secret. It's going to be difficult for some of you to hear this but that won't make it any less true. 

Most people don't care about you, your choices, or your circumstances very much or at all. They rarely even think about you. 

They might have a passing thought or opinion about them but by and large folks don't give a rat's ass. They are concerned with their own situations and circumstances, which is actually what we should all be concerned with. Ourselves. 

Think about the last person you know who made a choice you had a negative opinion about, thought was odd, or wasn't inline with your personal belief system. How long did you really consider their situation? 

You can't remember because it wasn't long enough that it even registers in most cases. Am I right? 

So why then would you allow an opinion anyone else might have about choices you want to make for your life stop you from doing what is best for you?

Why would you allow the fear of what anyone might think to keep you STUCK?

I begun this journey a year ago with no clue where it would take me. By last January I had a much better idea of what it was that I wanted to do. Energy Healing was sort of a weird idea but I knew I could step into that. 

What held me back was sharing the skill I have as a reader. 

Tarot has been an integral part of my spiritual journey. It has been central in the way I have gone about healing myself and the way I will continue to. Tarot does not lead me away from God, it leads me to Him.  

I have been blessed with a mind that can comprehend and access the collective consciousness, psychic talents, intuition, and a very close connection to Spirit who guides me. 

Tarot has encouraged me to forgive others, to let go of unhealthy vices, to recognize when I am being taken advantage of and to make a choice to no longer allow it, to practice reciprocation and fair dealings in business and relationships, to communicate with maturity, to let go of false narratives, to focus on my personal growth, to control my emotions, to embrace the practice of self love, to be grateful, and to draw closer to God every day. 

Tarot has NEVER led me anywhere except which area to focus on next to help me on my path of growth, self love, and healing. 

And yet I feared sharing this talent. 

It was one that is considered taboo in my religious culture so I made the choice not to and it delayed my ability to release my new web site. I knew it went hand in hand with the type of services I wanted to offer and I couldn't in good conscious only offer half of what has helped to heal me. 

That would have been a lie. 

Remember last weekend's full moon? The one I had told you would allow you to release what did not serve you and to embrace what is for your higher good? Without much effort on my part at all (thank you moon) I decided to release caring what anyone else thinks about the path I choose to healing and spirituality. Tarot hasn't changed my beliefs, it has enhanced them. 

I finished the site that had seemed to have me so stumped before in record time and let it go live. 

The response has warmed my heart. I have already had orders for readings and healing sessions and natal charts and just typing this out has me emotional. 

My mother is an incredibly important person in my life. She is my Northern Star. I would never want to knowingly disappoint or embarrass her. She is deeply religious and a touchstone for all who know her. I had been very concerned about her reaction to my offering readings as part of my business. My concern over what her opinion would be held me back more than anything. 

Even though I had already made my own decision to offer readings and had gone live with my site I still did a sort of check in with her tonight speaking to her on the phone after the fact.

This was the conversation:

Me: Mama are you OK with my offering readings as part of my business?
Mama: Kimberly, you are grown and I am always proud of you. 

There was never anything to fear. Those who will judge me don't matter and those who love me will always support me. 

And just like that I became a little more UNSTUCK. 

Imagery is a huge part of comprehension for me. When I have these epiphanies I always try to be conscious of the lesson. The Universe will continue to repeat lessons we haven't learned until we "get it"! I wanted to be sure The Universe knew I got it. 

I did that by imagining the decisions I make as freshly poured cement that I step into. Once I am there I usually have a better perspective than I did at any other point. Sometimes while the cement is still wet I realize I made a bad choice. 

There are two options at that point. 

I can climb out easily while the cement is still wet and hose off OR I can allow it to dry and have to use a hammer and chisel to get myself out of there after I have wasted precious time worrying about what someone else might think. 

Do we need to review or is that pretty clear? 

Make the best choices for YOU my sweet friends. This life is short and that is the only way to live it! 

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