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Controlling Our Emotions

Posted by Kimberly Wresh on

I have been going through the process of learning so many lessons on my journey through healing and self discovery.

The list of them is endless.

One that has been shocking to me, particularly in how well I seemed to have learned it without even realizing it, is the importance of gaining control of my emotions. Not allowing them to run away with me regardless of how painful something might be.

I can recall a time when someone important to me told me that the way I lost control of my emotions was unattractive to them. I didn't understand how that could be. To me those passionate emotions were an expression of how important they were to me. How vulnerable I was willing to make myself for them, something I rarely did for anyone.

But I understand now.

The inability to control our emotions is not an expression of love or a passionate message.

It is a tantrum. Tantrums are not attractive.

I have had quite a few things happen during this time of growth and learning that have been exquisitely painful. Revelations that at one time would have made me bare all the sharp teeth of my Leo Rising or spun me into a depression where I would have assumed I had come up short. That there was something about me that was not enough.

Neither of those things happened in all these months of learning and painful revelations. The revelations of betrayal have been particularly difficult.

Instead I let myself be sad.

For like, an hour. No joke.

Then I washed my face and made a cup of herbal tea and sat down and thought about all the reasons WHY that disappointing thing may have happened.

In what ways might God, His Angels, The Universe been trying to protect me?

After I considered all of those scenarios I did a meditation I call "Angel Mama" I have been doing with myself that helps to heal me when I am heartbroken. I will have an recording of it in the store soon. You don't need my mine to heal yourself though. Meditation is very personal and all you really need is YOU.

Practicing self love has taught me so much. The Universe is MADLY and DEEPLY in love with me. It is in love with YOU too. It wants to give us everything our heart desires. It also desperately wants to protect us from anything that might hurt us that has no lesson attached to it. It will protect us from that pain just like a protective father, because God IS our protective Father. God, His Angels, The Universe, will NOT ALLOW anything or anyone to cause us needless pain or they will circumvent things to make sure we get out of the situations with the least amount of damage.

We all have the responsibility in this life of developing FAITH. We must learn to have FAITH in God that that is exactly what is happening. That we are being divinely protected.

I know that music can be interpreted many ways. It always helps to heal me. While I was having this discussion with myself about this topic this song, Never Enough, from The Greatest Showman came on my playlist.

Normally I understand this song in a different way but for a little moment today it was sad. A reminder that so many of us tell ourselves THE LIE of "I'm not enough."

You ARE enough. You ALWAYS have been. You only have to believe it yourself for it to work miracles in your life.

As the song ended I thanked Spirit for yet another appreciated chat with me and guess what song came on next?

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You have ALWAYS been enough. ❤️

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